Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cafe Bellissima, Boise

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It was a boring saturday night so I decided to head over to check out Caffe Bellissima's free salsa lessons (included in the $5 cover). Unfortunately I missed it because it started at 9pm and I got there a bit past ten! Since I didn't have a date, I got myself a beer and headed over to a corner stool, sat down and observed...

And what did I see? Cafe Bellissima is a small dance-hall (okay its not as big as a hall-- maybe we can call it a dance-room) located at the corner of 10th and Idaho. A third of the place has tables and chairs and the rest of the space is devoted to the dancing area (with what felt to me was a real ballroom-dancing-quality hardwood floor!). The club is surrounded by glass all around which was a nice touch because as the night progressed, the dancing people were framed by a light snowfall outside.

The crowd was really diverse-- I saw a 70+ year old couple dancing, some teenagers, highschool kids and people like me who were old enough to drink (we got a special bracelet that identified us). There were people who obviously didn't know how to dance, people who were so-so, a handful hardcore salsa dancers and lots of latinos! In fact, the DJ was announcing the songs in Spanish!

I mentioned to Laura the bartender that I would be flying out of Boise soon and she gave me a Dead Guy Ale (which was really good) on the house. Shell, the in-house dance instructor also gave me a couple of tips on my salsa footwork!

I'm giving this place 3.5 pawikan points-- definitely more fun if you're coming with a date but if you're a guy looking to meet up with someone then this isn't the place for you-- there was a 3:1 guy to girl ratio! Sausage fest! But if you're a girl looking for some nice Latino-looking men to dance with, then put on your dancing shoes and come visit this place.

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