Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Square, downtown Boise

Rating: 11110
Tuesday night's Dinner With the Consultants found us at Square, voted by Boise Weekly as Boise's best new restaurant of 2005.

It's a casual dining place right along main street and all they serve are crepes! Savory crepes, dessert crepes-- crepes of all kinds!

For my readers from the Philippines, this place feels like the love child of Cafe Breton and Greenbelt's Cafe Bola-- it had the food of the previous and the decor of the latter. Lots of bright colored circles (think: Tide box) complemented by painted stripes everywhere and lit by soft lights. Nothing fancy but it felt kinda comforting.

On the night that we dined, we had complimentary soup shots! Yes these were their house soups served in shot glasses. I specially enjoyed the tomato with basil soup and the small serving just made me crave it more. I think the fact that they were free also made it taste much better. =)

My entree was a buckwheat crepe stuffed with baby shrimp and scallops. It looked like a huge pancake that was as big as the whole plate. I dug in with gusto and I was able to finish the meal!

To cap my meal, we ordered The Behemoth, a dessert crepe with berries, nutella and whipped cream-- now this thing was huge and it took two of us to finish the whole thing but it was definitely worth the calories. Without a doubt, this would be my Best Dessert in Boise.

Four pawikan points for this one-of-a-kind resto downtown. I just can't help myself but I'll say it anyway-- it's hip to be square. (mwehehe!)

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