Monday, March 06, 2006

Cazba Mediterranean Restaurant

Rating: 11111
Last Fat Tuesday, we ate some really fine mediterranean food in downtown Boise at a place called Cazba.

I haven't had the chance to try a lot of Mediterranean food back in Manila so I can't really compare but Cazba seems like the authentic deal.

Cazba's a two-floor resto that was mostly empty the night I dined. It won't win any awards for interior design as I didn't notice anything note-worthy. I wouldn't have known I was at a mediterranean restaurant aside from the two large, chest-hairy mediterranean-looking men who seated us and took our orders. They offered the perfunctory "how are 'ya" and "everything alright?" and "how's the food" greetings but other than that, they were very discrete and seemed to be there when you needed them.

I wouldn't categorize the place as romantic but you could come here with a date as it's classy enough and quiet. Come here with your family or for a sosy dinner with friends. There are so many good things to try on the menu with main courses from $12 to $20.

For starters, we ordered the Greek calamari. It looked different as instead of being cut into rings, as is the custom where i come from, they were cut into rectangles like fish-fingers. It came with a honey ginger teriyaki dipping sauce and garlic pita bread cut into triangles. Yum Yum! The portion was just right to whet my appetite for the main course.

I ordered the excellent dulmades which is ground lamb and beef wrapped in grape leaves. Coupled with their house cabernet, I really didn't say much althrough out the meal because it was really, really good. I would have wanted to order dessert but I was really busog!

Restaurants should all be about great food, quick/friendly service and an ambience conducive to dining. Five pawikan points because Cazba got this right.

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