Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Frim Fram Four with Gayle Chapman at Pengilly's Saloon

Rating: 11111
I read from the 'net that there would be a jazz band playing and since I wanted to make every moment count, I drove over to Pengilly's Saloon not knowing what to expect.

I went to the bar, told the bartender that I was "new here". I didn't know what to order so I asked him to surprise me with a beer.

Anyway, while he was getting my beer, I chatted up this nice lady beside me and we talked about mundane things like tipping and the weather, whatever. I finally got my beer, walked over to a dark corner and sat down.

A couple of minutes later, the Frim Fram Four started to play-- a bassist, guitarist, pianist slash percussionist and the singer slash violinist-- ang galing nila! Solid. I've always liked jazz but this was the first time i've heard a live jazz quartet with authentic white guys playing! Ang galing!!

They were obviously enjoying themselves, singing Nat King Cole classics specially with their signature song "Frim Fram Sauce".

Each song had piano, guitar, bass and violin solos although I wish they would have done more scat singing!

After a couple of songs, they called over the nice lady I was talking with earlier-- Yun pala, that nice lady was Gayle Chapman! She had a smooth, jazzy, mellow voice but she dressed like a teacher! She should've worn something...umm... jazzier!

I certainly didn't mind sitting alone with my eyes closed just enjoying the music and the tavern's red-brick, "old-feel" ambience complete with eccentric, friendly waitress whom everyone seemed to know!

Pengilly's is a steady, steady place and is something i'd like to see more of in the Philippines-- a non-pretentious, dimly-lit and cozy bar with great live music, inexpensive drinks and excellent service.

Five pawikan points. I'm definitely going back next Thursday!

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